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Looking for a rewarding career with a company that values you and your ideas? Dot Foods has opportunities for every career path—from part-time, to working in the warehouse, to internships. No matter what kind of journey you’re looking for, Dot can deliver on your future success.

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6,400 dedicated individuals

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#67 Largest Privately-Owned Companies


Dot has never had a layoff


2/3 of our managers are hired from within

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Dot Foods Inc. employs over 6,400 dedicated individuals throughout North America.

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See what it’s like to work in a Dot warehouse. Follow Jessica and Jesus as they work as warehouse material handlers.

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Diversity-Driven Growth at Dot Foods

Diversity-Driven Growth at Dot Foods

Inclusion and diversity matter at Dot. Dot is a place where we prioritize diversity-driven growth and where we are seen as industry leaders when it comes to an inclusive work environment.
In the past decade, female leadership has been on the rise at Dot and companywide overall diversity has increased by 13 percent since 2008—growing from 23 to 36 percent.

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#YouSaidIt: How Do You Maintain Your Mental, Physical, and Fiscal Health?

#YouSaidIt: How Do You Maintain Your Mental, Physical, and Fiscal Health?

Everyone is different. And how you maintain your mental, physical, and fiscal health may vary from your neighbor. Lately, everyone has been looking for new ideas on how to pass the time at home and take care of themselves and their families.
Here are some great ideas from Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) employees on how they upkeep their mental, physical, and financial health.

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6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

According to Psychology Today, mindfulness is “the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness, and acceptance.”
If that sounds vague, it’s because mindfulness doesn’t have just one definition—the same way it doesn’t have just one correct form of practice. The practice of mindfulness that many people discuss today is the result of an evolution of practices from Hinduism and Buddhism to yoga to non-religious meditation. People have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years.

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Career Paths

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