Written by Daphne Ingles, Director of Credit, WLG Chair

The Women’s Leadership Group (WLG) held its annual case study event on Thursday, June 27, at Hagel’s 1891 Banquet Center in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. The case study challenges both women and men to develop innovative solutions that will impact the business.

This Year’s Challenge:

To pitch an idea not already in place that Dot could pursue to improve work/life balance for employees. 

How the Teams Work:

Teams are comprised of five employees from various departments. This allows participants to build relationships with individuals outside their immediate department. The teams are presented with a business challenge during a kick-off event. Then, they start brainstorming, researching, and planning to pitch their solution. 

Thinking Big:

Through this opportunity, employees have the chance to “Think Big.” Their ideas are heard by over 100 other employees and over 20 senior leaders.

Thinking Big and Acting Small allows us to explore and implement impactful, innovative solutions without sacrificing [Dot’s] core values.”

Melissa Paben

Co-Host of the WLG Case Study

Implementing the Ideas:

Ideas from the case study are reviewed by WLG and Diversity Leadership Group (DLG) leadership. Many ideas can take years to evaluate fully, and they may morph from their original version. However, sharing those ideas can positively influence change companywide. That’s why this event continues to be a great development opportunity.


This Year’s Ideas:

    • Moving to a singular PTO bank
    • Student loan repayment benefit
    • Sleep pods to rejuvenate while at work
    • “Dot’s List” – similar to Angie’s List
    • A scheduling tool that would empower employees to build their own schedule according to production demands

The Winners:

The Judge’s Choice Award

Team #2 with the student loan repayment benefit. Congratulations to Caitlin Hobson, Kevin Kingsland, Lance Smith, Kimball Sprague, Kim Lear, and Coach Jeff Groom. 

The People’s Choice Award

Team #5 who pitched “Dot’s List.” Congratulations to Caitlyn Personett, Jonathan Campbell, Matt Wand, Alyson McClelland, Celia Eicken, and Coach Garret Huber.

“Hats off to the 25 presenters! We heard about five fascinating ideas around work/life balance, and each team made their case compellingly.”

Georgia Kassing

Co-Host of the WLG Case Study

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