We listened closely to employee requests for new benefits to meet their personal needs. Dot is proud to offer the following new benefits for 2021.

1. Vacation Time Rollover

Any Dot or DTI employee who’s start date falls after March 2021 will now be able to roll over up to a week of vacation time into the next year. This is similar to Dot’s current sick time policy, which allows for time to be rolled over instead of lost. 

We hope this helps Dot employees with their parental leave planning, allows for more PTO flexibility, and takes the pressure off of employees feeling like they have to use up every bit of their time within 365 days. 

2. Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis encompasses behavior

modification training programs that are based on the theory that behavior is learned through interaction

between an individual and the environment.

ABA therapy visits for an autism diagnosis will be covered at the same levels as other behavioral health

services with no visit, age or dollar limits. Instead, coverage will be based upon specific medical necessity criteria.

3. Maternity Leave Update

New mothers are no longer required to use all of their sick time for maternity leave. After vacation and

personal time is used, employees may take unpaid time off in lieu of sick time.

4. Mayo Complex Care Program

If you have cancer or a spine condition that significantly impacts your daily life, or you have been unable

to get answers from other medical providers, you may be a candidate for evaluation and treatment at

Mayo Clinic.

When you qualify for the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program, you’ll receive:

  • Expedited scheduling to quickly get the answers and care you need
  • Travel and lodging covered by Dot
  • Seamless, integrated care by a team of experts
  • Coordination of care with your local provider once you return home

All employees, spouses and dependents enrolled in Dot’s health plan are eligible for this program.

5. Milk Stork

The Milk Stork program compliments our Gradual Return to Work policy. It allows mothers to ship breast milk home while they are traveling for work. Through a simple process, women can order the kit to be delivered to their hotel, pump during the trip, and ship the milk home via FedEx.

Questions? Speak to your HR manager.