Top Takeaways From Dot’s Internship Program

Written by Colton Landi, Accounting Intern

The Dot Foods 2021 internship program is the very first internship program I have ever participated in. The internship program Dot offers is spectacular because the work the interns produce has an underlying significance. Each project challenges interns’ diligence, attention to detail, flexibility, and intelligence. The internship enhances interns’ skills very effectively. My three main takeaways are communication, attention to detail, and work ethic. Additionally, I had the chance to be a part of some very significant projects that influenced Dot’s functions in the Credit department.

Professional Communication

Professional communication is critical in the modern-day business world. Having the ability to communicate ideas and thoughts effectively—both verbally and through writing—is a skill that is in high demand in today’s labor market. Dot allowed me to demonstrate my ability to communicate effectively and enhance my communication skills further. 

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail by the intern has a high significance at Dot. It is important to remember that any work an intern produces reflects their values regarding tasks that need to be completed. Therefore, finished products that are presentable, complete, appealing, and go the extra mile to provide the most data or feedback on a project is critical. These kinds of details demonstrate an interns’ efforts towards the work they are assigned.

Work Ethic

Work ethic is by far one of the most essential characteristics an intern can possess. Punctuality, initiative, and ability to learn all reflect positive traits of an outstanding prospective employee during an analysis of the intern’s performance. For an intern to demonstrate strength in this skill, the final analysis of the intern’s performance will be no less than great.

Internship Project Highlights

Throughout the internship, I had the opportunity to partake in many projects. Some highlights of the projects that I participated in include:

Customer Risk Analysis Project

I retrieved the customer’s financial statements and performed a risk assessment to determine the amount of risk related to Dot’s credit limit. This project enabled me to focus on risk assessment and financial statement analysis.

Consolidated Invoicing Project

For this project, I analyzed correlations between the number of consolidated invoices compared to total invoices to determine if there was a correlation between the rise of consolidated invoicing and regular invoicing. This project had me intensely focused on statistical analysis and forecasting.

Customer Payment Portal Project

This project allowed me to develop a mathematical formula to calculate the hours and potential dollar savings by converting to a different payment collection portal. 

Overall, the Dot Foods internship program is an excellent experience for anyone actively seeking an internship and a way to jumpstart their professional career. The ability to enhance their professional skills to be more marketable in a competitive labor market is one of the best aspects offered by Dot’s internship program. Therefore, I believe anyone actively looking for an internship should consider Dot’s internship program heavily when weighing their internship options.

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