Top Three Takeaways From Dot’s Internship Program

Written by Patrick Jamison, Supply Chain Intern

Interning at Dot Foods has been an unforgettable experience. I’ve had so much fun working on my summer project and I’ve learned a lot about the trucking industry, leadership, and the importance of company culture.

Dot Really is a Family

My favorite thing about Dot is the culture. A lot of companies claim that they treat their employees like family—Dot is one of the few that can actually make good on that claim. You can see examples of this everywhere at Dot. Whether it be warehouse appreciation week, the fact that they have an employee hotline directly connected to the CEO, or their history of never laying off even a single employee, Dot makes it easy to see how much they care.

Just like a family, Dot values and trusts everyone that works for them. That’s why they give their interns meaningful projects that actually impact the company. They give you all of the resources and information you need to complete your project and then the rest is up to you. My manager and co-workers were always there to answer my questions but they never held my hand. They do this so you develop professionally because, even if you don’t return to Dot, they want to help you succeed.


Dot invests a lot of time and money into developing their employees. They are huge believers in promoting home-grown talent. This translates really well into their internship program. Dot treats every intern like they would a full-time employee because their hope is that you’ll join them full-time after college. They provide a bunch of different workshops and classes for interns, which are fun and informative. My favorite of these was definitely the chalk talks given by Marc Johnson. In addition to those workshops, they have a great job shadow program and give you a group mini project from another department, so you aren’t just limited to experiencing the department you’re interning for, which is really refreshing. Dot doesn’t limit their employees to what they know. Once you work for Dot, you can pretty much move to any department or distribution center (DC) that has an opening. Dot encourages their employees to challenge themselves and expand their horizons.

Making Connections

Dot’s internship program has allowed me to make a lot of connections over my summer here. Most of these connections have come from my summer projects, which have given me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and departments. But this summer wasn’t all work. I met a lot of great people during my short time at the mid-summer intern event at Dot headquarters in Mt. Sterling. Dot had all the interns come to their headquarters, even flying some of them in, which was a fun experience. The relaxed environments of the frisbee golf event and high ropes course made it easy to connect with employees and interns I had never met before. With such a great community of people working with you, it’s impossible not to make lasting connections!

Dot is a great company with an amazing culture. I am very grateful for all I’ve learned from working here and everything that has been shared with me these past 10 weeks. It’s definitely a summer I won’t forget any time soon.


Patrick is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign studying Supply Chain Management. He interned for Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) this summer as their supply chain intern after discovering Dot at a career fair hosted by the U of I.

Patrick Jamison

Supply Chain Intern, Dot Foods Chicago