Offering best-in-market benefits to our employees and their families is part of what makes Dot Foods a Great Place To Work®. Based on employee feedback and competitor analysis, we are proud to offer the following upgraded benefits in 2022.

Medical Plan Changes

Medical Plan Options

Expanded Medical Plan Options

You asked, we listened. In 2022, employees will have the chance to choose a new medical plan with lower premiums. This plan offers the lowest premiums of Dot’s medical plans—meaning you pay less out of each paycheck for your insurance. Your deductible and max out-of-pocket costs are higher on this plan. It is a great option for employees who don’t have many health care expenses or go to the doctor often.

Prescription Drugs

Moving Our Prescription Drug Plan to Prime Therapeutics, Part of Blue Cross Blue Shield

To better integrate employee medical and prescription information, we switched to Prime Therapeutics as our prescription provider. This will create a smoother prescription experience for employees on our health plan.

Decision Support Tool

Introducing the Benefits Decision Support Tool

Not sure what medical plan to choose? How much to put into your HSA? The Benefits Decision Support Tool can help. This Tool is a confidential, quiz-like program that helps you choose the best health plan for you based on your specific needs.

Health Savings Account

Changes to Health Savings Account (HSA) Funding

Dot’s contributions to your HSA are now more streamlined and easier to understand. Starting in 2022, wellness incentives will be deposited in a lump sum in January. Dot’s match dollars will continue to be deposited in equal amounts each pay period. Our company match will be dollar-for-dollar for all employees. Company match is increasing to a max payout of $500 for the employee-only plan and $1,000 for the employee + spouse, employee + children, or the family plans.

Parental Leave Changes

Extended Maternity Leave

Extended Maternity Leave

To support women during their transition after having a baby, Dot is proud to offer a longer paid maternity leave in 2022. Our improved maternity leave policy now provides women with five weeks of paid leave instead of one week. Women will still receive five weeks of short-term disability. This means Dot moms will now have 10 weeks of paid maternity leave before being given the option to use vacation time and take unpaid leave. This is in addition to our Gradual Return to Work program.

Adoption Leave

Extended Adoption Leave

Adoption leave will also be extended in 2022. To support parents during their transition of adopting a child, Dot is happy to offer five weeks of paid adoption leave.

Benefits That Prioritize Your Well-Being

Learn more about our benefits offerings—worth more than $22K—and how they will keep you and your family healthy, safe, and covered.

Even More Benefits Enhancements

We make changes to our benefits offerings every year based on employee feedback. Learn more about the changes we made last year, including vacation time rollover and the Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program.