In late 1988, the main office building in Mt. Sterling was completed, and one of the gifts Dot Foods received was a peace lily—a beautiful flowering plant that is native to the tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia.

The lily dwelled over 27 years in Former Dot Foods CEO Pat Tracy’s second-floor office, and Joe Tracy, today’s CEO, inherited the plant when he moved into Pat’s office in 2016.

The lily was still in its original container and was severely rootbound, so Mt. Sterling Building & Maintenance Manager Drew Seal gingerly repotted the plant. The plant was grateful—it quickly spread its roots, doubled in size, and began producing beautiful blooms. 

When the new addition to the main building was completed in March 2018 and Joe moved to his new office on the second floor, the space could not accommodate the lily, so it was placed in front of a window at the end of the hallway outside the boardroom. 

A customer development rep who sat nearby thought the plant needed a name, so she named it “Henry.”

The move from his long-time home confounded Henry and for a few months he appeared sickly. But, in time, it bounced back and needed to be re-potted a second time.

Henry doesn’t require much to be content—only a weekly watering and an occasional smidgen of fertilizer. Happy 33 years at Dot, Henry! Here’s to 33 more!