As the semester is coming to an end and college students everywhere are pushing through their last few finals, we want to remind students 18 years of age and older that Dot Foods is a great place to snag a summer job.

Here are five reasons why you should apply to work as a Dot Foods warehouse material handler this summer:

1. A Schedule to Fit Your Summer Lifestyle

Only Work Three to Four Days Per Week

Fit your work schedule into your life; not the other way around. If you work in the Dot warehouse, you’ll still have time to do the summer activities you love outside of work. Because of Dot’s condensed schedules, you’ll have the opportunity to work full-time hours without working 5+ days per week.

Dot offers:

   ✔️ Three 12-hour shifts

   ✔️ Four 10-hour shifts

   ✔️ Day shifts

   ✔️ Night shifts

Looking for part-time work? We have that option at many of our locations, too.

Consistent Hours

No more unpredictable shifts and schedules. No more waiting until the last minute to know when you’re working. In the Dot warehouse, our schedules are set—so you’ll know when you’re scheduled to work the whole summer.

2. Best-in-Class Pay

Hourly Pay

Make best-in-class pay in the Dot warehouse. 

Pro Tip: Want to make the most money possible this summer? Work weekend overnights in the frozen warehouse.

Performance-Based Pay

If you safely hit or exceed your weekly productivity goals, you’ll get to take home extra pay. These performance-based pay opportunities are available with every paycheck.

3. Opportunity to Home in on Your Hustle

Are you prepared to hustle this summer? Looking to bring home as much money as you can before the fall semester kicks off? Overtime tends to be more available during the summer months. Plus, we are currently rebounding from our lower COVID-19 pandemic volume, which means even more overtime is available.

4. Job With Lots of Variety

If you’re looking for a job that will keep you on your toes, keep you moving, and provide you with something different every time you’re at work, then the Dot warehouse is the place for you. Learn more about what it’s like to be a warehouse material handler here.

5. Real-World Experience

Many Dot employees started out in the Dot warehouse in high school and college, and have now worked their way into other areas of the business. Corporate Recruiter Aaron Littig, Pricing Team Supervisor Angela Epping, and Customer Delivery Manager Brian Peredo started their Dot careers in the Dot warehouse. So did Director of Dry Warehouse David Koch and Warehouse Recruiting Manager Tabetha Spencer.

Dot Foods is also a well-known employer and a great company to have on your resume when you’re seeking future employment.

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