At Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, we believe in the power of education and encourage our employees to pursue their educational goals. And to ease the financial burden and make these goals more attainable for more employees, Dot is proud to offer all employees the added benefit of a tuition reimbursement program.

Dot employees wanting to enroll in a higher ed program, and who’ve been with the company for a minimum of one year, can receive up to 90 percent of their tuition reimbursed by Dot! Areas of study covered by this program include any associates, bachelors, masters, or professional degree courses that will benefit you in your Dot careers. The tuition reimbursement scale is as follows:

  • 90 percent reimbursement for an A in the course
  • 75 percent reimbursement for a B in the course
  • 50 percent reimbursement for a C or passing grade below C

Employees wanting to take part in this program should obtain all necessary information relating to the course (description, fees, etc.) and submit to their manager for approval prior to enrolling. Upon completion of the course, submit your tuition receipts, completed reimbursement form, and proof of your final grade.

If you have questions about the tuition reimbursement program, please reach out to your HR manager or view the Employee Handbook on the Compass.

To learn more about Dot’s additional educational initiatives and opportunities, visit our education page on