Dot has a presence in many communities across the country. But we don’t just have a business presence—we also have a charitable presence in the way we interact and participate in the community. 

People ask me all the time, ‘what are you the most proud of when you think about the growth of the business?” My answer is simple. First, it’s all the jobs that have been created to allow all of [our employees] to support themselves and their families. Second is our ability to keep our promises and adapt to remain relevant in a constantly-changing business environment. And, finally, the impact we have on the communities we touch.

John Tracy

Executive Chairman, Dot Foods

We take our commitment to community involvement seriously. And we understand that, “just like our customer expectations and demands, a community’s opportunities and needs are ongoing and constantly changing.”

“In 2018, we kept our commitment to reinvest in our communities,” said Tracy. 

And we plan to continue that commitment through our various charitable programs as long as we are a part of each community in which we reside. 

Dot Charitable Committees

Every Dot distribution center (DC) has a charitable committee who spearheads the coordination of volunteer activities and local contributions throughout the year. Without these committees, our charitable contributions would not be nearly as successful.


This past year, we revamped our Neighbor-to-Neighbor program and launched our efforts at all of our DCs. Overall, 65 food pantries and thousands of people were given much-needed food nationwide.

Each of our DCs chose local food pantries to receive Dot’s help. Each pantry ordered around $5,000 in food products, which were then delivered on Dot trucks to the dedicated local pantries. In many cases, Dot volunteers accompanied the deliveries to help unload and stock pantry shelves.

Companywide Donation Value

Food Pantries Impacted Across the Country

Dot Cares Fund

We are proud of how much we give back to our communities. But what about helping each other? That’s where the Dot Cares Fund comes in. 

The Dot Cares Fund was established to provide monetary assistance to employees who are facing a crisis at home. It allows employees to nominate their colleagues or themselves if they are going through a hardship. 

In 2018, the Dot Cares Fund was able to assist 31 employees and their families. 

If you or someone you know may benefit from the Dot Cares Fund, please visit The Compass to download an application.

Alzheimer’s Association Campaign

Dot’s founder, Robert “RT” Tracy, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Since then, our annual Alzheimer’s Association campaign has been a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of our employees. 

Since the start of our participation as a National Team for the Alzheimer’s Association, Dot employees have raised over $558,000 for the fight against Alzheimer’s!

Total Donated in 2018

Total Donated in 2018

United Way Campaign

2018 was another successful year of teaming up with United Way for our annual companywide campaign. For the seventh year in a row, Dot employees from all locations donated to the cause and made a significant impact on the charities in their communities. 

Employees are able to contribute part of their paycheck to the annual United Way campaign. Dot then matches all employee contributions 50 cents on the dollar. After Dot’s contribution match, our 2018 United Way campaign raised $461,970.

Teaming with Local Charities (TLC)

Last year was filled with many accomplishments. Our Teaming with Local Charities (TLC) group continued to volunteer with the local YMCA, United Way, food pantries and soup kitchens in 11 counties, local parent-teacher organizations (PTO) in schools, senior centers in five different counties, four mobile food pantries, and much more. 

They also adopted some Dot-Sponsored Events this year such as Bridge the Gap to Health in Quincy, Illinois; The Alzheimer’s Walk, the Pregnancy Resource Center 5K in Rushville, Illinois; and the 2X4s of Hope Tiny Home Build for a homeless veteran in Mt. Sterling. 

The Mt. Sterling TLC also honors a volunteer who goes above and beyond each year. This year, they named Chris Brierton as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

Hour Volunteered in 2018

Individuals Served by our Mobile Food Pantry

Tracy Family Foundation

While the Tracy Family Foundation (TFF) is not technically a Dot-run organization, it plays a large part in the communities surrounding our Mt. Sterling headquarters.

The vision of the TFF is to see a world where communities thrive and families flourish with all generations of the Robert and Dorothy Tracy family giving and serving together. All four generations of the Tracey family are encouraged to play a role in the Foundation’s work. 

Ninety-five percent of the Tracy family members engaged with the Foundation in some way in 2018. Tracy family member personal donations and TFF family grant programs gave $2.5 million to nonprofits in our communities last year. The TFF also invested $4.3 million in organizations that are working together to impact communities and change lives.

Other Organizations in Our Communities

You can see Dot’s impacts in many ways across the nation. One of those ways is the hundreds of organizations Dot DCs donate to each year. Whether we are donating our time, money, supplies, or all of the above; we are making a positive impact in our communities. 

Some of the causes most heavily contributed to are: local schools, local sports teams, local first responders, Boys & Girls Clubs, 5K races, 2X4’s for HOPE, parent and children resource centers, teen centers, and more.

Overall, Dot continues to make giving back a priority. We know how important our communities are and how much of an impact we can make. Thanks to our dedicated employees and the differences they make, we will be able to make positive contributions to our communities for many years to come. 

We continue to make lasting impacts on each community in which we reside because of the hard work, leadership, and dedication [of our employees] to local causes.

John Tracy

Executive Chairman, Dot Foods

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