Written by Jeff Bottorff, Vice President of Quality and Training

The Center for Career Development unveiled a new tool in 2019—the Career Opportunities Guide (COG). The Guide is meant to help broaden Dot employees’ visibility to potential career paths that will help them gain the experiences and skills necessary to pursue their long-term career aspirations within Dot. The COG is found within GPS under the “Career Planning” tab, along with the Dot Competency Model.

Problem the COG Solves


Today, employees and managers have limited visibility to jobs outside of their functional areas. This makes it difficult to compare other jobs to their current role in the company.

The COG is a tool for you and your manager to use when having career conversations. The Guide provides you with career opportunities to consider that may result in either a lateral move or a promotional move based upon building your skills and career.

The Center for Career Development

What are Lateral Career Moves?


Lateral career moves often help employees build skills and gain the experience necessary to be competitive for higher level positions. Long-term career aspirations may require experiences in other areas of the business or specific skills sets—such as people management or negotiation skills. 

Gaining these valuable experiences through a lateral move can help make you more competitive in the long run so you can pursue bigger jobs in the business. The broader your experience base, skill set, and flexibility, the more opportunities you will find within the business.


The COG and Dot’s Core Competencies

The COG is also aligned with the Core Competencies we defined and rolled out in 2018. You will find similarities in the “level descriptions.” The Competency Model can help you review the necessary skills that effective performers need at various levels across the business. With the Career Opportunities Guide, you’ll be able to see what types of positions within Dot require those skill sets.

The Career Opportunities Guide can be an excellent source for exploration and discussion of career opportunities to help you expand your worldview and begin to think bigger about other opportunities within Dot. We encourage you to go check it out and think big about the various areas of the business your career could take you.

Dot Employees:

Want to learn more about the Career Opportunities Guide? Go to GPS and click on the “Career Planning” tab. Or reach out to your manager about accessing the Guide.

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