Celebrating 25 Years in Williamsport, Maryland

This July, we are celebrating the 25-year anniversary of our Maryland distribution center (DC). We can hardly believe that we have called Williamsport “home” for 25 years. The Williamsport community has welcomed us with open arms, and allowed us to get involved and give back—for that, we will forever be grateful.

So, to continue the celebration of our MD DC, we created this blog post that gives you 20+ fun facts to celebrate 25 years in Williamsport!

About Dot’s Williamsport DC

1. We opened our doors in July 1994.

In July 1994, our New Castle, Delaware, DC was closed and our new facility in Williamsport, Maryland, was opened. 

2. It’s Dot’s second DC.

Dot Foods Maryland is considered to be our second DC. While we did have a DC in Delaware before we landed in Williamsport, our Delaware DC closed when we moved to Williamsport back in 1994. 

However, we are building a new DC in Bear, Delaware, that is predicted to open in early 2020!

3. We ended up here because we were noisy neighbors.

Before our trucks had the more sophisticated trailers that they do now, we had to move to Williamsport because we were getting noise complaints from our neighbors surrounding our original Delaware facility. 

4. It’s not that we talked too much, but rather that our trucks were too loud.

The trailer’s Thermo-Kings, which helped us ship frozen and refrigerated products, were making too much rumbling noise. This was especially an issue in the summer when our neighbors had their windows open. 

Thankfully technology has changed and our trailers are much quieter!

5. We hired a relocation consultant company to help us find our new home in Williamsport.

According to Redistributors of the Nation, Dot hired a relocation consultant, C.B. Morgan, to conduct a logistics study to “help them determine how many distribution centers Dot should have and where they should be located.” The report recommended Dot move the Delaware DC to Williamsport, which is exactly where they have been for the past 25 years. 

6. 467 million pounds were processed in 2018.

Yup. That’s a lot of volume.

7. 500 loads are processed each week.

That’s 38 million cases per year.

8. Steve Nowcid is our longest-term employee.

Steve is a battery maintenance tech and has been at the DC since Feb. 1994.


9. There are 433 warehouse employees.


10. The square footage of the Williamsport DC warehouse is 284,587.


11. There are 136 drivers.


12. 21 of those drivers have driven 1 million or more miles.


13. 140 trucks are located in our Williamsport DC.


14. There are a whopping 258 trailers there, too. 

About Williamsport, Maryland

15. The town has historic roots.

Williamsport lies on one of the early Native American trails between New York and the Carolinas. In the mid-18th century, tens of thousands of European settlers and pioneer families followed the same route on the Great Wagon Road from Pennsylvania to Virginia.

16. Williamsport was named for Otho Holland Williams.

Williams was a Continental Army Officer in the American Revolutionary War, who previously owned the land.

17. Williamsport’s population is approximately 2,100.

Its many attractions include the Potomac River, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, The Barn at Springfield Farm, and Doubleday Hill.

18. Williamsport had a history of transportation—even before Dot arrived.

According to the Williamsport city website, “Williamsport’s story also reflects the importance of transportation to our nation’s development” which fits perfectly with Dot’s story.

Giving Back

19. We love helping our community through Neighbor-to-Neighbor.

In 2018, we completely revamped how we conduct our Neighbor-to-Neighbor program companywide. Through the program, we were able to donate $334,986-worth of food to 65 food pantries across the country. Our Williamsport DC contributed $28,600-worth of donated goods to six different food pantries in their area. 

20. Williamsport values its partnership with United Way.

Dot Foods Maryland participated in our annual companywide United Way campaign in 2018, along with our 11 other locations across the country. Thanks to our Maryland employees’ contributions, they were able to donate $32,950 to local United Way organizations in the Williamsport area and in surrounding communities

21. Our goal is to heal lives with the Alzheimer’s Association.

Our Williamsport DC also participated in our annual Alzheimer’s Association campaign and raised $5,370.99, which was donated to aid Alzheimer’s research. 


22. In Williamsport, it’s safety first!

Like all of our Dot locations, Maryland takes their safety very seriously. Because of that, our Williamsport DC First Responders team works with the local Emergency Response services of Washington County each year for their Annual Emergency Response Training. Talk about putting safety first!

23. Our DC is 16 years injury-free.

Our Dot Foods Maryland garage and gate station have gone 16 years injury-free! 

Long story short, our DCs are a vital part of the Dot Foods family.

Here’s to another 25 great years in Williamsport!

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