Women’s History Month 2021

While March is Women’s History Month, we like to celebrate our employees all year long with our family-first culture, outstanding benefits, and community-focused attitudes.

Back when Dot Foods was founded in 1960, it was founded by a family-focused, community-driven couple with a growing family and an idea. That idea eventually grew into the $8 billion company Dot is today. What started as a company of two—Robert (RT) and Dorothy Tracy—eventually grew into a team of 6,400 employees.

“There’s no way the business would have survived without Mom, and I think Dad would have said the same thing,” John Tracy, Dot Foods executive chairman, said. “She was his confidant—not in the sense of knowing how everything in the business worked, but more about judgement and instincts and listening skills. She has always been the heart of the family and the heart of the business.”

Of those 6,400 employees at Dot, 24 percent of hourly employees and 35 percent of salaried employees are women. These numbers have been growing over the past five years, as Dot strives to further the mission of one of its primary values—inclusion. Plus, Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) was nominated two years in a row by Women in Trucking (WIT) as a Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation in 2019 and 2020.

Family-First Culture

Dot takes a lot of pride in it’s value of family. Dot encourages all employees to support each other like a family and build genuine relationships where all are valued and respected. They also place a lot of emphasis on each individual’s family waiting for them at home. 

This important element of the Dot Experience can be seen in Jessica, Carrie, and Savannah’s stories.


When Jessica first started at Dot, she had no idea her son would get sick with strep throat and then turn into something more.

Throughout countless hospital stays, doctors’ appointments, and sometimes having to leave work at a moment’s notice, Dot was there to support Jessica—even as a new employee.

“They had my back every day—on good and bad days.”


Being a working professional and a woman wanting to start a family can be intimidating. But Dot was able to provide Carrie with the balance she was looking for between her career and her family.

“Eight years, nine years into my career when I started a family, I was scared,” said Carrie. “I mean, it’s a scary change… Dot couldn’t have been more supportive.”


Since starting with Dot Foods, Lori has been able to find the sweet spot between work and life. For Lori, this balance is important because it leaves her with enough time to help take care of her parents. 

“Dot has worked with me to give me the position I need to take care of my parents. I can’t ask for anything better.”


Starting as an intern and working her way into her current role, Savannah discovered the unique and valuable culture Dot has to offer. Being close to her family is a top priority and Dot is supportive of that. So she works remotely from her home in Minnesota.

“Being close to my family is really important. Dot was able to offer me the flexibility to stay home, stay close to my family, but still work for a company that I feel passionately about.”

Maternity Leave, Gradual Return to Work, and Other Benefits

Another way Dot supports our employees is through a variety of benefits that contribute to your physical, mental, and financial health. 

In 2021, Dot updated its maternity leave policy to state that new moms are no longer required to use all of their sick time for maternity leave. After vacation and personal time is used, Dot moms have the option of taking unpaid time off instead of using up their sick time. 

Dot also added the Milk Stork program to work hand-in-hand with our Gradual Return to Work policy. This policy allows full-time employees to work reduced hours during their first three weeks back from maternity leave. The Milk Stork program allows mothers to ship breast milk home while they are traveling for work. Through the program, women can order a kit that will be delivered to their hotel. They can then pump during the trip and ship the milk home via FedEx.

Dot also offers other extensive benefits like 401(k) match and profit sharing, health savings account (HSA) contributions, short-term and long-term disability, workplace flexibility, tuition reimbursement, the Money Matters financial coaching program, and more.

Community Focused

Dot cares deeply for each community in which we reside across North America. We appreciate how all of our communities welcomed us with open arms and provided us with another place to call “home.” For that reason, we encourage our employees to volunteer and provide opportunities to have employees help us give back.


Community is important to Patricia—and it is important to Dot, too. We feel giving back is our way of saying “thank you” to our communities. Patricia is one of our community-centric employees out of Dot Foods California, where she volunteers with the hope that she can help keep their city a safe place for children to learn and grow.

“I love being involved with the city—especially the art murals that we started doing,” said Patricia. “Being involved in park planning, any kind of recreation. I know what the need is. We need something for our own, so our kids, whenever they want to play, can play.”


Twelve years ago, Director of Pricing and former Teaming with Local Charities (TLC) Committee Head Elly Passmore participated in a breakout group that researched and developed what we know today at Dot Foods Mt. Sterling as the TLC Committee.

“The TLC gives employees an opportunity to be engaged in something bigger than themselves, provides an avenue to build relationships, and increases awareness around our shared civic responsibilities,” said Passmore, who has been leading the TLC since 2013. “When I was a part of the breakout group, I quickly realized what a huge opportunity volunteerism would be for Dot, our community, and me personally.”

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