Inclusion and diversity matter at Dot. Dot is a place where we prioritize diversity-driven growth and where we are seen as industry leaders when it comes to an inclusive work environment.  In the past decade, female leadership has been on the rise at Dot and companywide overall diversity has increased by 13 percent since 2008—growing from 23 to 36 percent.

Diversity + Inclusion = Success

Your diverse background and experiences are what makes Dot successful. Diversity is what drives our innovation, great conversation, and new ideas.  There are a variety of ways Dot incorporates inclusive initiatives into how we conduct business—many of which have come to fruition because of input we’ve received from our employees. Below are a handful of examples:

External Inclusion Efforts

Internal Inclusion Efforts:

How are we continuing to grow our diversity and inclusion efforts?

  • Looking for employees with all dimensions of diversity, global experiences, and multi-language skills
  • Seeking out people with an expansive worldview 
  • Encouraging relationship building with co-workers across all departments 
  • Hiring problem solvers who can come at problems from every angle
  • Facilitating feedback from current employees on how we can improve and continue innovating
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