12 U.S. distribution centers (DC), two Canadian DCs, one corporate sales office, over 6,000 employees. That’s a lot of people to get to know! Even though we can’t feature everyone from each location, we hope this series gives you an insight into the different jobs, experience levels, tenures, and personalities of Dot employees across the country.

Dot Foods Arizona Fast Facts

  • Located in Bullhead City, Arizona
  • Opened in 2018
  • The Bullhead City DC was the first of Dot’s warehouses to be designed in an “L” shape with future expansion and efficiency in mind. 
  • Approximately 250 employees
  • Over 150,000 square feet of warehouse space

Get to Know Bullhead City Employees

Name: Alberto Mariscal

Job Title: Dispatch Specialist

Years at Dot: 3

Favorite part of your job? The fast-paced nature and opportunity to work alongside my colleagues to find solutions for anything the day may bring. I also enjoy the work-life balance that Dot brings because I can spend time with my family. 

What are you looking forward to most in 2021? Watching my kids grow. They surprise me every day!

Name: Tracy Doggett

Job Title: Warehouse Clerk I

Years at Dot: 3

Favorite part of your job? The people.

Most challenging part of your job? The people.

Name: Charles Rogers

Job Title: Warehouse Manager

Years at Dot: 14

Favorite part of your job? Knowing that I have an awesome team to lean on here in Arizona who works hard day and night.

Most challenging part of your job? Having the coldest office in Arizona—it’s connected to the cooler dock!

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