12 U.S. distribution centers (DC), two Canadian DCs, one corporate sales office, over 6,000 employees. That’s a lot of people to get to know! Even though we can’t feature everyone from each location, we hope this series gives you an insight into the different jobs, experience levels, tenures, and personalities of Dot employees across the country.

Dot Foods Indiana Fast Facts

  • Located in Cambridge City, Indiana
  • The Cambridge City building has been hit by lightning more than 20 times

Get to Know This Cambridge City Employee

Name: Alyssa Sutton

Job Title: Dispatch Coordinator

Years at Dot: 5.5

Favorite part of your job? Working with a great team of people who love to laugh!

What are you looking forward to most in 2021? My husband races cars and we missed a lot of races in 2020. I hope we can spend more time at the race tracks in 2021.

Dot Foods Maryland Fast Facts

  • Located in Williamsport, Maryland
  • Since opening in July 1994, the Williamsport distribution center (DC) has grown from 57 employees to over 400 employees. Interestingly, there are employees from six different states.

Get to Know This Williamsport Employee

Name: Don Schoen

Job Title: Customer Delivery Specialist (CDS)

Years at Dot: 20+

Favorite part of your job? I truly enjoy interacting with the customer on the dock while unloading the truck.

Most challenging part of your job? Getting into a small customer’s location with snow when the lot was not designed to handle the large size of a semi.

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