Dot Foods Introduces Employee Shuttle Service

Mar 28, 2022 | 7:24 pm

In an effort to ease the stresses (and costs) of driving to and from Mt. Sterling several times per week, Dot Foods recently rolled out a shuttle service to help those in surrounding communities with their daily commutes.

Launched on March 28, the Dot Shuttle runs two separate routes four times daily with stops in Beardstown, Quincy, Camp Point, and Clayton. The shuttle will run seven days a week with pick-up and drop-off times throughout the day.

Stops for this initial run were determined based on employee feedback and the shuttle were determined based on employee feedback and schedules were built around the most common warehouse shifts as the Mt. Sterling warehouse employs upwards of 2,000 people alone. All that being said, adding routes, pick-up locations, departure times are certainly not out of the question in the future. We want this program to be as successful as possible by making it as accessible to as many people as we can.

Those wanting to book a ride can visit THIS SITE to select the most convenient pick-up location and time. Rides are just $2.50 each way ($5 round-trip) and are facilitated through payroll deduction automatically.

Rides must be booked no later than 24 hours in advance, but those wanting to adhere to a “set it and forget it” approach are more than welcome to book their rides several weeks or months in advance.

For additional information, including a full shuttle schedule, visit

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