Dot Foods Launches “EmpowHER” Employee Group

Mar 7, 2022 | 1:52 pm

By Ashly Tibbitts, Operations Support Manager

With March being Women’s History Month, now is the PERFECT time to announce the latest Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Dot Foods: EmpowHER Dot. The EmpowHER Dot ERG is excited to create a source of inspiration for other women to persevere and grow. All employees at all levels of the business are invited and encouraged to join EmpowHER Dot. 

EmpowHER Dot Mission: To cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and empowers women and allies at all levels of the organization through connection, collaboration, and discussion with a focus on the development of all women.

EmpowHER Dot Vision: To build a culture that supports the individuality and intersectionality of women in all dimensions; enabling them to thrive personally and professionally while creating meaningful impact in the business.

EmpowHER Dot Encouraging Authenticity, Tying to Dot’s Values

In honor of Women’s History Month EmpowHER Dot ERG would like to highlight leadership using a quote from Carla Harris, Your authenticity is your distinct competitive advantage; no one can be you like you can…  Most people are not comfortable in their own skin, so when they see someone who is, they gravitate to that person. Bring your authentic self to the table and people will trust you.” 

As humans, we are all equipped with individual strengths and unique passions. Authenticity empowers people to be who they are. When you are authentic, you also have integrity. People will respect you for standing by your values and beliefs. Your authenticity is your power.

What does authenticity look like at Dot Foods?

  • Getting to know your team members, for real
  • Keeping promises and commitments to others
  • Being valued for who you are and what you bring
  • Willingness to ask questions
  • Taking responsibility for your mistakes 
  • Showing your personality and being yourself
  • Being accepting of yourself and others

How to Join EmpowHER Dot

The chairwomen for EmpowHER Dot are Bionca Robinson and Mallory Crowder with the steering committee members being Lisa Bohan, Anna Cummings, Kelsey Jones, Thea Offield, Ashly Tibbitts, and Samuel Welbourne. The executive sponsor of EmpowHER is Executive VP of Business and Retail George Eversman. All employees are encouraged to contact any person on this list for more information.

The success of an employee resource group is just that—a pooling of employee resources. Employees from all levels and areas of the business are encouraged to help us empower one another to develop both personally and professionally. Help us to grow our resources and spread knowledge while uplifting and supporting those around us.

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