Help for your aches, pains, and injuries is here—and in a way that is easy on your wallet, too!

Dot Foods saw a need for its employees to access affordable and convenient physical therapy. In true Dot fashion, leaders took that need and implemented a solution. The Dot Physical Therapy (PT) Center opened its doors on Monday, October 18, in Mt. Sterling.

The Dot PT Center’s mission is to provide quality rehabilitative and preventative services for employees and covered dependents that are convenient and affordable. These services are available to anyone covered under the Dot health insurance plan.

“Because of the expense of seeing the doctor, diagnostics, and possible surgeries, Dot felt there were employees and dependents who were not getting the physical therapy services they needed,” explained Charley Young, Dot’s Occupational Athletic Trainer. “If people aren’t getting the help they need, it leads to more extensive medical intervention down the road.”

Keeping Physical Therapy Accessible For All

The Dot PT Center’s affordability will help to ensure that employees and covered dependents will get the therapy they need for as long as they need it. Even once insurance on the rehabilitation runs out, the out-of-pocket expenses will be affordable enough for employees to continue their therapy. 

“We hope this will stop employees from having to return to work before they are physically ready,” said Charley. 

“Our therapists know our jobs and what the person needs to be capable of once they’re released,” Charley added. “Being able to attend therapy for as long as needed will lead to a successful transition back to work.”

Preventative Services Available, Too

The Dot PT Center will have preventative services, too. These services will help those who have recurring pain throughout the year but are not currently hurting. Previously, the pain may not have been bad enough for the person to want to pay for therapy. But, with the affordability of preventative services at the center, they can now get the help they need.

Dot PT Center Costs

The price for using the Dot PT Center is about a third of the cost of other PT centers in the market. Before deductibles are met, the 60-minute first assessment session is just $89.50, and a 30-minute follow-up session is $46.50. The price for preventative care for the first 60-minute assessment session is $40.50 and a 30-minute follow-up session is $20.50. The patient can use their Health Savings Account (HSA) or any other major credit card to pay. Once a patient has reached their deductible, further services are at no cost!

The Dot Physical Therapy Center in Mt. Sterling is located under the same roof as the Family Health Center (FHC), with a separate entrance and private parking in the alley. The FHC is also a Dot-founded operation and has locations in Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, and Oklahoma. The launch of an FHC at Dot Foods California is slated for 2022. Dot plans to continue the expansion of Family Health Centers to other distribution centers (DC) each year until FHCs are available at all Dot DCs.

Great Place To Work®

Dot Foods is proud to announce that we have officially been certified as a Great Place To Work®. This year, we partnered with Great Place To Work®—the global authority in workplace culture and most respected workplace recognition program—for our annual employee survey.

Great Place to Work

Benefits That Prioritize Your Well-Being

Few companies in the industry offer better benefits than Dot. Our benefits package is worth more than $22K annually and comes with extensive options to best fit the needs of you and your family.

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