Dot's Formal Mentor Program

In the spirit of National Mentor Month, we’d like to share some information about our Formal Mentor Program. Dot Foods launches a new cycle of the year-long Formal Mentor Program each spring when employees can apply to be a mentor, a mentee, or both. Mentors and mentees are matched through a very intentional process and begin meeting mid-summer. Monthly meetings between mentors and mentees provide great opportunities for both personal and professional development. They focus on things like career paths, goal setting, and networking. As the relationships between mentors and mentees grow, mentors are also able to support mentees by providing motivation and emotional support, and modeling exemplary career development.

The bonds formed through the Formal Mentor Program often extend far beyond the scope of the program, with employees staying connected and continuing to support one another throughout their careers at Dot. We take pride in providing this opportunity to our employees and are excited to see the program continue to grow in the years to come. We would love to talk about how the Formal Mentor Program could benefit you. Reach out to someone in the Center for Career Development for more information!

“My time with my mentor has been extremely valuable and it’s been very helpful to have a resource with a background in my current functional area who understands some of the challenges of the work. She has been able to provide really practical recommendations and has encouraged my growth in important areas!”

So what does it take to be a good mentor? For Dot mentors it comes down to three overarching aspects: commitment, patients, and open communication. Learn more about how to be a good mentor here.