Regan’s Story

Written by Regan Glenn | Supply Chain Intern | Bullhead City, Arizona

Having the privilege to intern with Dot Foods has been truly transforming. To articulate what Dot has taught me feels nearly impossible. In addition to learning about the different Dot systems and processes, I have also been immersed in the Dot Foods culture and that’s something I can speak to very strongly and confidently.


Dot & Accountability

An area Dot does exceptionally well in is accountability. Accountability to their customers—but also to their employees by providing them with a solid foundation to grow and develop as professionals and as people. In my 10 short weeks here as an intern, I have been a part of several different classes and workshops all aimed at educating and developing Dot employees. Dot educates employees but they also give employees the opportunity to take risks. Dot does a large portion of their hiring and promoting internally—giving employees the chance to grow. In addition, Dot supports dreams. Whether that dream is being a driver, manager, or moving across the country, Dot supports the risk takers.


Dot & The Team Dynamic

As a Division I athlete, I have always been a part of a team. Witnessing team dynamics from an athletic lens is completely different than seeing how a workplace team operates. Supporting, challenging, and empowering each other is what Dot’s teams are all about. It has been truly transforming to see that take place.


Dot & Social Responsibility

Coming from a Jesuit university, social responsibility and service is deeply rooted in everything we do. I place high value in serving my community and those around me. Seeing Dot’s strong presence in the community is truly inspiring to me as an employee—but I can also see the inspiration they bring to their communities, as well as other businesses.

Dot challenges others to give back and step up for our communities, and that’s special. Not many businesses today have been able to grow and stay true to their roots, but Dot has—Not only by staying active in their communities, but also by continuing to show their support and respect for our military. I come from a family full of veterans and to see Dot honor and serve our military makes me feel that much stronger about where Dot comes from and where Dot is going.

My time with Dot Foods flew by. I was challenged, given opportunity to grow, and truly shown the way of the Dot Experience. I am beyond thankful to have had this opportunity to work and learn from Arizona General Manager Rocky Vecera, Warehouse Director Terry Fate, and all the others who have made my experience so special. Dot Foods has exceeded all my expectations and I look forward to exploring my future opportunities with them.

About Regan

Regan is pursuing her M.A. in Business Administration from University of Detroit Mercy. She spent her Dot internship on the Arizona Supply Chain team in Bullhead City, Arizona, and is from Fort Mohave, Arizona. A fun fact about Regan is that she is a Division I softball player. Her team at Detroit Mercy won their first conference title this year.

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