Omar’s Story

Written by Omar Urquiza | IT Intern | Mt. Sterling, Illinois

Interning at Dot Foods is the best thing I have ever done.

Seeing the optimism around campus makes you feel excited and eager to start working. Everyone is friendly—there isn’t a day where someone misses to tell you, “good morning.” There is no greater feeling than knowing you’re going to work, and all that awaits you are positive vibes everywhere.


Hands-On Learning, Impact & Growth

Interning for the IT Warehouse Systems team has allowed me to discover what I would love to pursue in the future! Coming from working the dayshift in the cooler warehouse in Mt. Sterling, it’s neat to experience how the corporation allows you to grow within the company and also as an individual.

Right from the beginning, I was able to take on hands-on IT tasks. All of my projects involved working with software and hardware. The hardware tasks included configuring translators and sensors. These devices will be used to enhance the work environment in the warehouses. For the translators, these devices will be used to encourage better communication between warehouse leadership and ESL employees. As for the sensors, these devices are now configured to alert Dot Foods Maryland leadership if there are any concerning temperature levels within their cooler dock.

Knowing that these projects are going to have a significant impact on the corporation’s future gives you a big morale boost.


Opportunities to Develop New Skills

Coming to Dot Foods, I only knew JAVA, which is an object-programming language. But, as I worked through my projects, I was able to catch a grasp of SQL, which is a query language used to manipulate and access databases. With my newfound knowledge, I was able to take on projects that involved this unique language. These projects consisted of searching the current location of a warehouse stock picker and also on determining the distance which a stock picker traveled in a day.

All of the tasks were able to help me develop new skills and grow as a Computer Science student.


Making Connections

Another major takeaway was the many connections I made throughout my internship. From meeting several interns from across the state and nation to meeting employees who are in the career that I would love to have in the future—being able to understand what IT employees do daily has given me a better idea of what I would like to do after graduation. Also, having the opportunity to be mentored by these incredible individuals has allowed me to grow personally and develop my professional skills!

Interning at Dot Foods has been an experience I will never forget!

About Omar

Omar is a Computer Science major at Illinois College. He spent his Dot internship on the IT Warehouse Systems team in Mt. Sterling and is from Beardstown, Illinois. A fun fact about Omar is that he learned to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos.

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