Making that decision to commit to working for a company can be nerve-wracking and stressful. So, what if we told you that we are willing to invest as much in you as you are willing to invest in us and yourself?  Working for a company who is committed to you is extremely important. We get that.

Dot Roots for Your Success 

Our CEO Joe Tracy is asked many times each year, “what is the key to Dot’s success?” And he usually shares that there have been many keys—but one he always brings up is planning

The benefit of planning is always clear when you create your plan, but it is always ends up showing itself in the future.

Planning can be one of the keys to your success, too. At Dot we want all of our employees to achieve their personal goals and understand that planning is critical to future success. 

“I want every Dot employee to have a long career with the company and achieve all of their financial goals. This could include investing in a home, raising a family, putting their children through college, and saving for retirement,” said Tracy.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common to hear stories of people who failed to start saving early and are now playing catch-up. It is never too late to achieve your financial goals, but it will require a different kind of planning and more sacrifice the longer you wait to start.

Dot’s Plan to Invest in You

Because Dot understands the significant role you play in our success, we want you to know you are being taken care of. For this reason, we take pride in the benefits and planning opportunities we offer our employees and their families.

On top of our health benefit offerings and other unique perks, a huge part of our benefits package is the 401(k) match, profit sharing, and Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution programs. 

How Much Does Dot Invest in Me?

Healthcare Savings


When talking about investing in you and your family, our health benefits bring you protection and outstanding health care at an affordable price. Our most popular plan, the Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP) allows our employees to plan for their future by contributing money to a Health Savings Account. This money can be used to pay for current and future health care expenses, including the costs you accrue from adding a new member to your family and your Medicare costs once you retire. 

Not only does Dot offer you the resources to plan and put money aside, but we also contribute to your HSA account if you participate in our wellness screening program. Dot will contribute up to $300 once you complete a wellness screening and meet specific health goals. 

Retirement Planning


When it comes to investing in your future, Dot wants you to be able to plan ahead. For this reason, we take pride in our retirement planning opportunities. 

Through our 401(k) plan with Wells Fargo, Dot will contribute 50 cents for every dollar you contribute up to 5 percent of your pay.

In addition to your 401(k) contributions, Dot may make a profit-sharing contribution to your 401(k) account each year. Historically, Dot has contributed 5 percent of an employee’s annual pay annually. This means that Dot contributes an average of 7.5 percent of your yearly pay to your retirement fund in addition to the amount you are contributing yourself.

Contributions Breakdown


Here is an example of how our contributions work:

If your annual income is $30,000, then five percent of your earnings would be $1,500. That means Dot would contribute $750 if you contributed five percent or $1,500. This equals $2,250—and this is before profit sharing comes into play. 

With profit sharing included, Dot would contribute an additional 5 percent to your 401(k) on average. So, with our $30,000 example, that would be an additional $1,500. 

Total 401(k) contribution for the year with Dot’s 401(k) match and profit-sharing contribution = $3,750

So, How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?


Each employee has an opportunity to save $1 million for retirement. 

Contributing only $2,400 to your 401(k) annually over 35 years can make that a reality. The key is to start early, have a plan, and have the discipline to stick to it.

The Importance of Planning with Your Benefits


It is critical to have a budget or a financial plan so you can better understand where you spend your money and how much you should save to achieve your goals. But one thing is for certain—achieving those goals won’t happen by accident. 

We are proud of the variety of benefits and tools we offer to help you plan for the future. This includes our 401(k) match, profit sharing, HSA program, and much more. All you have to do is leverage all of Dot’s benefits to gain the most progress towards your goals.

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