Written by Emery Gronewold, Data Accuracy Analyst, EDI Sales
As we all know, one of the most amazing qualities of Dot Foods is the employees. What is even more amazing is the quality of employees we have. From the newest member of our teams to the members that have seen a few trips around the sun—Dot is a melting pot of both experienced and novice employees.

In celebration of the past 60 years and a look at what is coming next, we interviewed two employees, a “Dot Experienced Employee” and a “Dot Novice.” 

Gary Linnemeyer, IT Application Admin, was roughly the 330th employee here at Dot. I won’t give away the year he started, but Clinton had just been elected, and Johnny Carson gave his last broadcast for The Tonight Show. Gary started in the Illinois Freezer when there were only roughly 15 employees there at the time. 

One of Gary’s favorite memories from back in the day was how the warehouse felt like family with just those 15 in there. But his very first memory was thinking, “Man, it’s cold in here!”

We asked Gary how he had handled change all these years. 

“It has been easy,” said Gary. “I work for a very good team in IT and have always liked and gotten along well with my co-workers.” 

If that’s not a secret to success, I don’t know what is!

Our “Dot Novice” so-to-speak is Carson Kroshinsky, Staff Accountant. Carson has been with Dot for almost a year now. 

We asked Carson what he thought about Dot so far. 

“I heard from other employees how great of a company Dot is to work for and how terrific the people here are to work with. I was skeptical whether or not this was exaggerated, but it quickly became apparent that all the talk was not just lip service.”

Gary and Carson both shared their thoughts for the next 60 years at Dot. 

Gary shared he was excited for incoming technology, like automation, and how the next generation will grow the business and give back to the area.

Carson shared, “I see no reason as to why Dot’s momentum will slow down. I believe Dot will continue to invest in talented individuals and will be at the forefront of embracing change and remain steadfast in asking ‘How can we do this better?’”