Written by Jessica Mock, Sr. Transportation Manager

Here at Dot, everyone’s voice matters. But sometimes even the most empowered employee can find themself afraid to speak up when something makes them feel uncomfortable or when they see something that doesn’t feel right. On April 12, Dot launched the Employee Hotline. Now, reporting harassment or theft, or contacting the CEO Hotline can be easily accessed through three convenient channels:

  1. Talking with your manager
  2. Call number
  3. Web address

Why did we create an Employee Hotline?

The health and safety of our employees is always our #1 priority. We created the Employee Hotline to provide comfortable alternatives to report harassment or theft, or to contact our CEO. Our hope is that the Employee Hotline reduces the fear behind reporting and helps us to facilitate a safe and more inclusive environment.

Why did Dot Foods contract with a third-party vendor to manage the Hotline?

We wanted to give employees the opportunity to:

  • Be able to report anonymously
  • Have 24/7 access to trained interview specialists
  • Provide support in multiple languages.

Navex Global offers a secure server that is separate from Dot Foods.

What if I’m afraid to share my name?

Both the Hotline number and web address allow employees to report anonymous claims, which means you can choose to share your identity if and when YOU’RE ready.

What happens with my report once I’ve submitted it?

After a harassment report is filed, the details will be sent confidentially to local HR leadership, which will prompt an investigation.

After a theft report is filed, the details will be sent confidentially to our director of quality assurance and/or the Legal team for review.

After contacting the CEO Hotline, the details will be sent directly to Dot Foods CEO Joe Tracy for review.

What if the person who receives my report is involved with my concern?

Anyone named in a report, whether directly or indirectly involved, will be blocked from accessing the report.

Can I still report something directly to my manager?

Absolutely! Before using the Employee Hotline, we encourage employees to embrace Dot’s open-door policy and speak to their manager to raise any concerns. The Employee Hotline is an alternative option to report harassment or theft, or to contact the CEO.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager or local HR team! There is also a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions readily available to you on the Employee Hotline website, which can be accessed through the Dot App for Dot and Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) employees under “Resources.”

Remember, if you see something, say something! Together we can continue to build a culture where each and every employee feels safe, welcomed, and heard!

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