Written by Deanna Toncray, Executive Administrative Assistant

Has the pandemic affected your routine? Have you gotten off track on your wellness journey?

The good news is that there is help available to get you back on track. The Dot Wellness Committee is excited to introduce the 2020 Dot Wellness Challenge, a new program open to all employees that incorporates Dot’s holistic approach to wellness—mental, physical, and financial.

“We’ll offer a different challenge  each month from July through December to promote employees getting or staying active,”  said Dominic Scott, Arizona, California and Oklahoma Occupational Health Trainer.

You can begin or transform your wellness journey in July with the Gallon Challenge. Staying hydrated is especially important during summer months when it is easy to get dehydrated as temperatures rise. This challenge is designed to help you achieve your daily recommended water intake.

Other monthly challenges will include:

Sleep – Get adequate sleep each day

Financial – Strengthen financial fitness

Physical – Increase physical activity

All Dot Wellness Challenge participants will have the chance to earn small incentives for reaching specific goals throughout the program. 

Empower yourself, engage with and support your colleagues, and most of all, enhance your well-being. Accept the challenge today!

Visit www.dotfoods.com/wellnesschallenge to learn more and register.

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