Inclusion is one of Dot’s core values and a primary pillar in our culture.

People are at the center of everything we do at Dot—from our employees to our customers to our communities. That is why we have created programs such as Diversity Champions, the Diversity Leadership Group (DLG), the Women’s Leadership Group (WLG), Young Professionals Employee Resource Group (ERG), and have fostered community partnerships with organizations, like Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Connect.

The Diversity Changemaker Award is a new program at Dot developed by the Inclusion & Diversity team. Nominations are open year-round with winners chosen in the spring and fall. 

The purpose of the Diversity Changemaker program is to shine a light on Dot employees who have found a way to lead and innovate. 

What is an Inclusion & Diversity Changemaker?

Changemakers are passionate about inclusion and diversity, and have created positive change for their organizations, their professional communities, or the industry. We welcome nominations related to any issue or initiative—from designing new meeting formats that improve inclusion and cohesiveness, to rethinking diversity strategies, or showing positive civic engagement that brings people together.

These three stories reflect the best of our efforts in ensuring that the organization benefits from a broad base of ideas and solutions that best serve our employees, customers, and our communities. Our goal is to help employees to not only realize the importance of inclusion and diversity, but also affect change in the workplace culture for the better.

Winner: Kehinde Akintola

Dot Foods Chicago, Warehouse

Nomination: Kehinde has displayed both passion and professionalism in his pursuit to bring awareness to social justice issues. Kehinde has been a catalyst for both healthy discussion and reflection with other team members.

Kehinde has attended multiple events in May and June, approximately eight to 10 total. In addition to opportunities to peacefully protest, Kehinde has participated in cleanup projects with two separate businesses that were affected by the rioting and looting in June, and one charity give-away of household goods.

Kehinde has demonstrated a willingness to be a leader as it relates to creating awareness around social justice. On an individual basis, Kehinde shared that he wants everyone to feel the love, to feel comfortable being able to put the work aside and be able to talk about social injustice and racial inequality in a safe place. He practices this regularly with any employee that needs to talk and is inclusive of all backgrounds.

Runner Up: Becky Reynolds

Dot Foods Indiana, Transportation

Nomination: Becky has been active with looking for recruitment opportunities from community-based organizations. She made contact with Dress For Success to network and share Dot’s story. This one contact opened the door to many more recruitment opportunities, not only for recruiting women into the industry, but also opened the door to English as a second language (ESL) candidates. Her work has completely changed the complexion of our driver team. We now boast of having three female drivers, along with several Hispanic and Black drivers, which did not exist just a few short years ago. She’s an inspiration to all of us.

Honorable Mention: Christine Danner

Dot Foods Mt. Sterling, Replinshment

Nomination: Christine is one of the most open-minded and non-judgmental people I have ever known. She is always reaching out to include people and wants everyone to feel welcome. She helped with the online diversity discussions after the George Floyd murder. She goes above and beyond when you need help and does this consistently. She is a diversity champion and she lives it daily.

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