12 U.S. distribution centers (DC), two Canadian DCs, one corporate sales office, over 6,000 employees. That’s a lot of people to get to know! Even though we can’t feature everyone from each location, we hope this series gives you an insight into the different jobs, experience levels, tenures, and personalities of Dot employees across the country.

Dot Foods Oklahoma Fast Facts

  • Located in Ardmore, Oklahoma
  • The Ardmore DC is the only Dot DC to have an outside tornado shelter installed

Get to Know Ardmore Employees

Name: Wesley Medrano

Job Title: CDS Driver

Years at Dot: 15

Favorite part of your job? The amount of home time and the relationships I have built with my customers.

Most challenging part of your job? Dealing with multi-temperatures and multi-stops, and protecting the product. Though, it is certainly something you can learn to do.

Name: Maria Sweetland

Job Title: Gate Station Attendant

Years at Dot: 8

Favorite part of your job? The people; all of our drivers feel like they’re family.

Most challenging part of your job? The COVID-19 challenges and the effect it has had on everything.

Dot Foods New York Fast Facts

  • Located in Liverpool, New York
  • Liverpool is famous for its salt-producing industry
  • Liverpool is named after the city of Liverpool, England

Get to Know This Liverpool Employee

Name: Josh McWhorter

Job Title: Warehouse Support

Years at Dot: 4

Favorite part of your job? Working with our very talented sales, replenishment, warehouse, and DTI teams!

What are you looking forward to most in 2021? Completing my bachelor’s degree in finance at the end of 2021 or in the beginning of 2022.

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