Dot Foods’ annual trade show, Innovations, has been bringing customers, suppliers, buying groups, and Dot employees together in downtown St. Louis since 1998. Originally titled the “Dot Food Show,” the first event brought in 115 customer companies to peruse 88 trade show booths at Adam’s Mark Hotel. By 2011, the Show was drawing in over 1,000 individuals. Today, Innovations takes place at the America’s Center and draws in more than 2,000 people from just over 500 customer companies and 300 supplier companies.

Innovations is famous for showcasing new products and providing educational seminars given by industry experts. This invite-only event is “not just a trade show; it’s an experience meant to grow your business.” Our Trade Show, Meeting & Events, and Sales teams take pride in the intimate environment Dot is able to provide for attendees where they can make meaningful connections with professionals across the food industry.


Another thing we’re proud of? Any product an attendee sees and samples on the trade show floor will be available for purchase at one place—Dot Foods. This is a huge draw for attendees, as it continues to shine a light on Dot’s innovative supply chain methods that bring ease and convenience to our partners. 

The Industry Update also drives Innovations attendance. In 2013—the same year the Dot Food Show was renamed “Innovations”— John Tracy gave the first now-industry-famous “Industry Update” presentation.   This tradition was passed on to current CEO Joe Tracy, who continues to present his thought leadership and industry insights.

Everyone experienced a crazy 2020—but this is especially true for past Trade Show Manager Christine Iovaldi and current Trade Show Manager Charlsie Pinkerton. Ultimately, last year’s show was cancelled to keep our business partners and employees safe. Christine, Charlsie, and the Meeting & Events team worked tirelessly to backpedal almost a full year’s worth of work that was done in preparation for the show.

When chatting with Charlsie, she said she couldn’t be more excited for the 2021 trade show. 


“After not being able to see and meet with our customers, suppliers, and Dot colleagues in over a year, I could not be happier to welcome everyone to St. Louis! The turnout for this event is proof that our industry is ready to get back to face-to-face interactions!”

Charlsie Pinkerton

Trade Show Manager

Innovations 2021 was held July 21-23. You can visit Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and search the hashtag #DotInnovations2021 to see recaps from the event.

Next year’s show will be April 27-29, 2022. You can learn more about next year’s show here