We’ve all played I Spy, The Alphabet Game, The License Plate Game, and more on road trips with friends and family. But have any of you ever played Spot the Dot?

Spot the Dot is a game that many Dot employees and their families love to play—and we want to encourage you to join in on the fun. 

The Rules of the Game

When playing Spot the Dot, you have to keep your eyes peeled and constantly watch the road and your surroundings—just like a professional truck driver!

When you see a Dot truck, the first person to yell out “spot the Dot!” or “Dot truck!” gets to add points to the scoreboard. 

The hard part? If you think you see a Dot truck and call it out, but then realize it isn’t a Dot truck, you lose points.

The Points System

1 point for each regular Dot truck you spot

5 points if you see an Owner/Operator cab pulling a Dot trailer

10 points for each Dot trailer celebrating our anniversary or honoring our veterans

-5 points for each time you call “Dot truck” and it’s not a Dot truck

Share With Us

Are you and your family playing Spot the Dot? Let us know by taking pictures of some of the Dot trucks you see on the road and tagging us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram @DotFoodsCareers.