During a time of uncertainty, working from home, and lack of face-to-face interaction, Zoom—or other video conferencing programs—has been a saving grace for many corporate teams around the globe. In this Zoom 101 series, we are taking a look at how interpersonal communication has ebbed and flowed at Dot and how employees use Zoom as a tool to stay connected.

Back in March, a portion of Dot Foods employees were fortunate enough to start working from home. Most of those employees have turned to Zoom to continue their everyday work, stay connected with their team, and do some work that may be outside their comfort zone.

Dot’s Zoom Usage Increases

Before March of 2020, Dot’s Zoom usage remained pretty steady around 3,000 meetings per month companywide. Then, starting in February 2020, we started to see a gradual increase with a larger spike happening in March and the biggest spike happening in June with almost 7,000 Zoom calls! 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic kicked into high gear in the United States, Dot employees have participated in over 23,000 Zoom meetings.

More Usage Means More Security Measures

In mid-March, there was a lot of “unprecedented demand for web/audio conferencing” according to Senior Director of Infrastructure and Analytics Mark Read. All of that stemmed from Dot having more remote workers and a desire for less face-to-face interaction—even with employees who were in Dot’s offices. 

Zoom itself even started rolling out new security changes and updates—especially after they discovered people were “Zoom bombing” meetings.

Dot collaborated with Zoom to bring some new security changes to company video conferencing, including external user labels, Zoom waiting rooms, increased screen share options and meeting host controls, the position of the meeting ID, the ability to report a user, and more. 

New Way of Working Presents New Challenges

Implementing more widely-used Zoom meetings and work-from-home technology doesn’t come without some challenges. Many employees have voiced concerns about not being as connected to their peers and struggling to keep up with some of the technology changes. Not being able to rely on face-to-face communication can be difficult.

Thankfully, Dot has some remote employees who are willing to share their advice and expertise regarding working from home full-time.

Their #1 suggestion? Turn on your camera! This will help everyone feel they are a part of the conversation and continuing to contribute to company culture—even when working from home.

Overall, there is a lot of technology out there that remote employees can use to stay connected to their team and co-workers. The key is knowing how to take advantage of those resources to optimize your remote working experience. 

What do you do to stay connected with your team? Let us know by mentioning us @DotFoodsCareers on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram!

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