Being a diverse and inclusive employer continuously remains one of Dot’s top business priorities—and local organizations recognize us for our dedication to diversity. For example, we were named the 2019 Corporate Champion for Diversity by the St. Louis Business Journal.

But language diversity is something that can be challenging to understand. What is language diversity? Why is it important? Why does it matter at Dot?

What is language diversity?

Language diversity is being aware of language variation and language status. It is also being mindful of what we do and do not know about languages that aren’t our own.

The importance of language diversity

Language diversity can benefit the workplace at all levels of the business. Not only does it allow for a safer workplace, but it encourages employees to demonstrate empathy and create a stronger teamwork mentality.

“As an employer, multilingualism in the workplace is important to the success of our organization,” said Director of Talent & Inclusion Pamela Kelly. “English may be the language of the world, but with businesses expanding globally and the workforce diversifying, having a plan to welcome others is an important part of building high-functioning teams.

While language diversity promotes the expression of one’s identity and global expansion, it also keeps Dot employees safe and promotes a collaborative environment.

“It’s important to be able to understand the job tasks and requirements,” said Corporate Recruiter Steph Tafoya. “But, also, Dot is very family-oriented. For those employees who come in and speak a different language, it is important for us to understand their struggles at work and get to know them on a personal level. It shows them we care.”

Language diversity in the Dot warehouses

One of the primary places Dot encourages language diversity is in our warehouses.

“Dot accommodates language diversity by attempting to have every form of communication in all three languages we currently have in our warehouses—Spanish, French, and English,” said Steph. “New employee orientation and training are also in the employees’ corresponding language, which helps in the success of our employees.”

There is also signage available in our warehouses to keep our employees informed and safe.

“Signs and information are available for all locations, and we are continuously coming up with more resources as we need them,” explained HR Specialist Rosa Tafoya.

“We have recently added the description of the warehouse material handler position to the website in English, Spanish, and French,” continued Rosa.

“We know we still have more work to do, but these are all steps in the right direction.” 

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