Written by Danielle Neisen, Lean Leader, Quality

Have you ever felt bored, stuck, or just curious at some point in your career? 


I think we all hit that point where we stop and wonder: Is this it? Am I going to work here forever, or is there more out there for me?

I hit that point after 15 years with Dot Foods. I didn’t know what my dream job was, but I didn’t think I had it.


My Leap of Faith

I started looking for open jobs in the area and stumbled upon a job description that caught my eye. I thought, “I am more than qualified for this job.” It was a large employer; I had friends who worked there—so I took a leap of faith and submitted my application.

I didn’t give it much thought after that. About a month later, I got a call. Within a week of my first interview, I had a job offer. 

Everything in my world had just been flipped upside down.   

For the next two weeks, I kept wondering if I had made the right decision. What does this mean for my career? How can I leave my Dot family? I begrudgingly turned over my belongings to my boss on that Friday with tears in my eyes. 


The Dot Difference

On Monday, I started my new job with new energy and a positive attitude. 

However, after just a couple of weeks on the job, I found myself comparing every situation to how it was handled at Dot. Why do they do things this way? Don’t they know there are better ways?  

Sitting in meetings was weird; people were disrespectful and didn’t give their attention. Leadership was very protective of their “territory.” There was no sense of teamwork. Personal development plans and career development wasn’t discussed.  

Needless to say, the culture was brutal. I missed being able to pop into an office and ask a question or say “hi.” I missed everyone knowing my name. I missed my Dot family!

The Dot Experience

Dot prides themselves on their culture, and I am here to tell you—they should! I stayed at my new job for two months. That was enough for me to realize it was not the type of work environment I wanted. Fortunately, Dot took me back with open arms, and my appreciation and outlook on my career couldn’t be more positive. 

In hindsight, I realized I was more than qualified for that job, and probably many other jobs outside of Dot. However, the reason I am so qualified is because Dot has invested so much in me as an employee. The training, seminars, and development plans have shaped me into the successful person I am today. Dot invests in their employees because they care—I will never take that for granted again.  


Think big, act small is true to the core of this business.

We continue to grow and thrive. But, at the end of the day, everyone knows your name, and they believe in you.

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