Written by Emery Gronewold, E-commerce Analyst, EDI Sales

Everyone is different. And how you maintain your mental, physical, and fiscal health may vary from your neighbor. Lately, everyone has been looking for new ideas on how to pass the time at home and take care of themselves and their families. 

Here are some great ideas from Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI) employees on how they upkeep their mental, physical, and financial health.

Mental Health

“The easy way for me has been staying positive when I’m working, listening to music and thinking that tomorrow will be a better day.” – Gabriel Gonzalez-Pena, Warehouse Trainer, Mt. Sterling

“For my mental health, I take a tip from the Bible. It talks about thinking and dwelling on positive things.” – Terry Lucas, Lead Software Engineer, Mt. Sterling

“I tinker with my vintage car and motorcycles. I work on genealogy. I garden.” – Mike Hollenbeck, No-Touch Freight Driver, Mt. Sterling

“I recently opened up to a specialist. I never took my mental health seriously and had no idea how much it was impacting my physical health until I sought out help.” – Katie Johnson, Garage/Maintenance Clerk, Delaware

“If I feel overwhelmed, I take a 10-minute break and simply take time to breathe and be calm. I never turn to “shopping therapy” as a stress relief!” – Tatiana Whitfield, Sales Manager, Ontario & West, Canada

Physical Health

“I am a CrossFit certified coach and teach several classes at CrossFit GBT.” – Wyatt Brunk, E-commerce Merchandiser, Missouri

“I started doing Mommy and Me Yoga with my two-year-old at home! It keeps us both physically healthy and the giggles in between help with our mental health!” – Emily Ritter, AR Specialist, Mt. Sterling

“Taking my dogs on at least one walk a day, working out on Zoom with a group of people, and spending a lot of time with my niece.” – Jenn Furniss, AR Specialist, Mt. Sterling

“Lots of golf with the granddaughter, family, and friends.” – David Spraggins, Warehouse Manager, Oklahoma

“Recently, I have been participating in virtual running clubs. I just joined a group where each member committed to run 100 miles to raise money for the nonprofit Stop Soldier Suicide.” – Gaylon Ryan, Human Resources Manager, Georgia

“I can work in at least two [bike] rides a week. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points or more, I sleep better, I feel better, and I look better. I dropped 10-15 pounds and hit a weight I hadn’t been at since I was a freshman in college.” – Jacob Archie, Customer Delivery Specialist, Tennessee

Fiscal Health

“When I got married 27 years ago, we immediately set up a budget and we have lived by our budget our entire marriage.” – Stacia Harger, Senior Software Engineer II, Mt. Sterling