In celebration of World Culture Day, Dot Foods’ Multicultural Employee Resource Group (MERG) will host a panel discussion on May 25 led by members of the Dot Foods and Dot Transportation Inc. communities.

The discussion will center around the topics of diversity and inclusion both in and outside of the workplace

“Everyone has their own definition of these two terms, but we believe we can agree that there cannot be one without the other,” MERG member Christine Danner said. “We, as part of the multicultural employee resource group, are committed to more open conversations on diversity and inclusion.”

Presenting their own insights and experiences on the topics, guest speakers for the event include:

John Bordewick – Warehouse General Manager
Stephanie Croak – Operations Support Manager
Renee Thompson – Customer Delivery Specialist Driver
Brandi Wharton – Warehouse Supervisor
Adrienne Graham – Author and spouse of DTI Driver, Pierre Graham

The event will take place on May 25 from 3:00 to 4:00 CST at the Mt. Sterling auditorium and a Zoom link will be made available for employees outside of Mt. Sterling who wish to take part.

Dot Foods hosts a growing number of Employee Resource Groups (including MERG) that are designed to give employees the opportunity to connect with colleagues on shared topics and life experiences. Throughout the year, ERGs host and participate in a series of projects, meetings, and training sessions designed to enhance career development and support the Dot Foods community.

For more information on Dot Foods’ continued efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and throughout our communities, visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.