My Name is Carrie, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Carrie

Senior Business Development Manager. 



Toddler Negotiator Extraordinaire.

Support Since the Beginning

Carrie has been with Dot Foods for over 12 years—so Dot has been a big part of her career and her family. But Carrie and her husband have always been grateful for the supportive culture Dot has created

“Dot Foods has been a part of our life since our life together started,” said Carrie’s husband, Derrick. “It’s the culture that they fostered that gives you the confidence to be a family, to go through change together.”


Starting a Family

Being a working woman can make starting a family intimidating. A lot of the time, there are concerns about getting stuck in your career or not advancing the way you thought you would. Carrie shared those same concerns. 

“Eight years, nine years into my career when I started a family, I was scared,” said Carrie. “I mean, it’s a scary change. I didn’t know how I was going to be as a mom. I didn’t know how we were going to balance it with [Derrick’s] career and my career. Dot couldn’t have been more supportive.”


Becoming an Even Better Worker

Carrie was able to find the balance she was looking for with her career and her family. And she firmly believes that being both a mom and a business professional help her at home and at work. 

“I say all the time that I’m better at my job because I’m a mom and I’m a better mom because I work,” said Carrie. “If you can negotiate with a 2-year-old, you can negotiate with a supplier! I really, honestly think I am a better negotiator after raising a couple toddlers.”


Her Hopes for Their Futures

“I hope my kids learn that you can do whatever you want,” said Carrie. “If you wanna stay home, that’s great! Family is important. If you wanna work, great! That’s important, too. You can be who you  want to be.” 

“There is a benefit to hard work and I think that’s what we’re really hoping they learn.”

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