My Name is Juan, and This is My Dot Story


Meet Juan

Warehouse Lead.





Ten years ago, Juan started at Dot Foods as a warehouse material handler. Fast forward to today, and he has worked his way up the ladder and is now a warehouse lead. 

“When I first started 10 years ago here, I started off on the floor, picking freight. Then I transitioned over to training, then got promoted to a lead.”

Juan is appreciative of Dot’s encouragement and investment towards improving his leadership skills. 

“I am a totally different person than I was when I first started. My personality and the way I talk to people is more confident and more clear—just better all around. Part of that is Dot has invested so much time in me and my development as a leader and has just given me that confidence outside of work.”


Supportive Work Environment

Juan and his family went through a tough time in October of 2018. Juan’s wife was in the hospital, and the future was extremely uncertain. 

“I didn’t work for the whole month; maybe like a day or two. All my managers and everybody was calling me and texting me and checking up on me every day. They offered to help any way they could. That really helped me through that time. That meant a lot to me. Not everybody does that.” 

Dot was Juan’s support system, and he was so grateful to have his Dot family to lean on.

“Dot is challenging, and it’s challenging every day. But I’ve had tremendous support from my managers and upper management. They’ve been like family.”



While Juan works in the Dot Foods warehouse, his passion for food doesn’t end there. Juan and his wife own a restaurant in town—and Juan says his dream of owning a restaurant wouldn’t have been possible without “the flexibility and the stability I have at Dot Foods.” 


Family Life

Family is Juan’s primary motivator and support system. His love for them shows through in everything he does—both at home, at the restaurant, and in the warehouse. 

“My family means to me more to me than anything else in the world. Those moments that I have with them are very precious to me… Everything I do and everything I am is for them. Dot has helped me tremendously to be a better father and a better husband.”

“Everybody needs that opportunity [to grow], and that’s what Dot gave me.” 


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