My Name is Kamden, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Kamden.

Warehouse Trainer.

Gentle Giant.

Lover of Sports.

Goldfish Owner.

Discovering Opportunities

Kamden started as a warehouse material handler, just like a lot of Dot employees do. But then he discovered the many opportunities Dot Foods has to offer. 

“Dot has a lot of opportunity—like can’t even talk about it, it’s just so much,” said Kamden. “It would be so much to put into words how many opportunities are here.”

One of those opportunities was interviewing for a trainer position in a Dot Foods warehouse.

“I started off as a floor employee, just a material handler. And then, since I’ve been here for a while, a trainer position opened up, so ya know, I applied for it, went into the interviews, kinda rocked their socks off—let them know who Kamden was, and they honestly enjoyed it. They offered me a position as a trainer, and then ever since then, I’ve been rolling with it still.”


Developing as a Leader

Even before Kamden was a warehouse trainer, he was learning how to build his leadership skills. But since his promotion, he has seen first hand the dedication Dot has for educating its employees. 

“From what I’ve seen, this is just a great company,” said Kamden. “They teach you how to be a leader. They promoted me up, so they see something in me. So why not wanna build with it? It’s teaching me life skills like how to talk to certain age groups and cultures.”


Still Time for Life Outside of Work

But Kamden doesn’t spend all of his time inside the warehouse. In his free time, he likes to be active, spends time relaxing, and takes care of his goldfish, Flash. 

“I like to ball. I like to go running, said Kamden. “I [also] like to sit in the house sometimes and play video games or just watch a good game, watch a good movie, go to the movies—all of the above.”

“One favorite thing I have is my goldfish. My goldfish, Flash—he’s my favorite. Why? Cause you know how people typically say like goldfish aren’t supposed to last that long? I’ve had him for a very long time.”

“I’m just Kamden. That’s the best way I can put it.”

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