My Name is Katja, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Katja

Product Owner of Sales Enablement.

Austria Native.

Puzzle Expert.

“Putting together a puzzle is fun and complicated and takes a lot of time. Sometimes I find a piece and it doesn’t fit and I still put it there because I think it fits but it actually doesn’t. I then realize it later and have to move it somewhere else.”


From Austria to the U.S.

Katja’s Dot Story started during her semester abroad in the U.S.

“I’m originally from Austria.” said Katja. “I came to the U.S. about six years ago. I wanted to do a semester abroad and that’s where I met my now husband, Michael. He’s from St. Louis.” 

“Dot Foods looked at my resume and they reached out and asked if I wanted to interview for the district sales manager (DSM) role,” said Katja. “At that point, I only had a student visa. Then my husband proposed to me, so that kind of changed everything!”


Finding Her Place at Dot

The first job you hold at Dot may not be the perfect fit for you. Dot also encourages lateral movement within the company to become a more well-rounded professional. Katja has experienced this first-hand.

“Dot has a huge focus on career development and getting people into the place where they’re supposed to be,” said Katja. “You don’t have that one path that you have to go, but you can kind of pick and choose and find what’s the right fit for you and for Dot.”

“When I started at Dot, I did not fit in the right space,” said Katja. “We looked for a long time to find where I was supposed to go. And we were kind of looking over here in sales—that didn’t work out so well. So we found a spot right here in IT.”


The Perfect Piece of the Puzzle

Finding your perfect place at a company is no easy feat. But luckily, Katja had some help along the way.

“My manager was amazing in helping me figure out what [my place at Dot] was and I love what I do now,” she said. “I love my job because it’s never the same. It’s different every day. I work on a lot of different projects. Now, I start my day and I’m happy and glad to be at work.”

If you can’t find your place in the puzzle, Katja advises us to not worry too much.

“You’ll fit somewhere in the puzzle,” said Katja. “It might not be right where you thought—it might be a different spot in the puzzle where you fit better.”

“Like every puzzle piece, I’m unique.”



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