My Name is Lori, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Lori

Operations Support Manager.

Used-to-be Pricing Supervisor.

Tenured Dot Employee.

Lori Orr, Illinois Operations Support Manager, has carved an interesting career path in her 11+ years with Dot Foods. After nine valuable years on the Pricing team, working her way up to supervisor, Lori felt called to leadership opportunities in warehouse operations. 

“Pricing was where I grew, where I gained expertise and made connections—it was very hard to step outside that comfort zone,” said Lori. 

However, the payoff has been well worth it. 

“I felt welcome from the first day on the floor. Loaders, chasers, directors—everyone went out of their way to help me and teach me without pause.” 


So, what does Lori share with us all from her experience in changing career trajectory? 

“Ask questions to understand the vision for the job or department you are interested in. Does it fit your future self?” 


And her lasting impression on us all? 

“Oprah says it best,” said Lori. “’Every day is a chance to start over. Align your personality with your purpose.’”

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