By Deanna Toncray, Executive Administrative Assistant


My Name is Oscar, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Oscar






Not only is Oscar Twikala an interpreter and classroom trainer for warehouse employees in Mt. Sterling, he is also a two-time author, pastor, and a mentor. His schedule leaves little time for idleness.

A few years ago, Twikala began writing poems and shared a few with co-workers. One colleague encouraged him to write a book, and he took that to heart and prayed about it. The result was his first book, Finding Your Identity: Letting God Write Your Unique Story, which is a compilation of real-life stories involving people searching to find their identity. “We all have a story,” Twikala said. “You can be a mess, and your mess can be a message to someone else.”  

Earlier this year, Twikala’s second book, Alone Yet Not Alone: Discovering God’s Healing Presence in Whatever Struggle You Face, was published.  In this short read, Twikala shares his personal experiences to bring encouragement amid whatever hard time readers are going through.

Through his roles as pastor and mentor, Twikala lends an ear to many individuals who face difficulties such as loneliness, alcohol abuse, and relationship issues. How does he balance it all? “It can be overwhelming at times,” Twikala said. “The key is loving what you do, and I love my jobs.”

Both of Oscar’s books can be purchased on Amazon.

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