My Name is Patricia, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Patricia

Administrative Clerk.

Community Advocate.

Family Superwoman.

A Change in Careers Paths

Patricia hasn’t always worked in administrative settings. But after 15 years of being a hairdresser, she felt it was time for a career change.

“I actually was a hairdresser for 15 years,” said Patricia. “My kids were out of high school. I wanted to be independent with my money. I wanted to have travel money, I wanted to do a lot of different things.”


Saving Money with Dot Benefits

Benefits can be expensive—especially in a big family. Thankfully, Dot Foods has benefit options that can meet your needs and save you money. 

“We were paying $1,200 a month just for benefits for the family,” said Patricia. “When I came to Dot I was just floored by how much I had to pay for benefits. To be honest, it saved us probably $1,000 a month, if not more!”


Prioritizing the Community and it’s Children

Community is important to Patricia—and it is important to Dot, too. Giving back continuously is our way of saying “thank you.” Employees are always encouraged to join us in giving back and being involved. 

“I love being involved with the city—especially the art murals that we started doing,” said Patricia. “Being involved in park planning, any kind of recreation. I know what the need is. We need something for our own, so our kids, whenever they want to play, can play.”

“I love the culture. I love the community. I do like just about everything at Dot. It’s a great company to work for. It’s important for them to help the communities where their employees live.” 

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