My Name is Roberto, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Roberto

Warehouse Sanitation. 




Since starting with Dot Foods years and years ago in warehouse sanitation, Roberto has come to love his Dot experience, and the opportunities Dot has provided for him and his family. 


“I don’t work with my hands; I work with my heart.”

Roberto is filled with optimism and energy as he comes to work every day. Always walking around with a smile on his face, Roberto emphasizes the importance of staying positive.

“To me, the main thing is to think positive when you’re doing something—enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing, it’s going to be hard.” 

It is easy to come to work with a positive attitude every day when you love what you do and the people you work with. 

“I came from Mexico years and years ago… I got my papers, I am an American citizen. I came to Dot Foods and I really fell in love with everybody. I believe the people make a lot of difference. I love to say “hi” to everyone, that’s just how I am. Everyone says “Hi, Roberto.” They are very friendly people and I love it.” 

“That’s why you see me with my smile everyday—because I love my job. I come to work and I am always positive.”


Support at Work That Allows Him to be Supportive at Home

At Dot, we take pride in the support we provide our employees and the supportive, family-like environment our employees create at each of our locations. Our goal is to enable our employees to find the balance between their lives at work and at home. 

“I use a lot of energy when I’m at work, but I still have some energy left to take care of things at home,” said Roberto. “I go home and I do the cooking every single day. I can cook pretty much everything. Of course Mexican. I have to grow jalapeños because I make salsas. Here I am, chop, chop, chop—I am pretty good when it comes to cooking.” 

“Dot Foods has been good to me because I want to take care of my family, I want to take care of my wife. I pay my bills, I’ve got food on my tables, and I feel good. I never feel bad. It’s beautiful.”

“This is going to be my last job if they keep me over here.”

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