My Name is Savannah, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Savannah

Corporate Content Writer.

Past Dot Intern.



Coffee Devotee.

Savannah started as a Dot Foods intern. Now she is a full-time writer for the Branding team who works remotely out of her home in Minnesota. 


Going From Intern to Full-time Writer

Savannah’s Dot Experience started before she graduated from college. As an intern, Savannah discovered the unique and valuable culture Dot has to offer. 

“I had an internship with Dot Foods the summer before my senior year at Bradley [University]. I didn’t really realize what I had until I didn’t have it anymore,” said Savannah. “Right out of Bradley [University], I moved back home to Minnesota and started working at Target Corporate downtown. And then, eventually, a full-time position opened up at Dot, and that’s where I am today.”


Family First

Family is a priority for Savannah, and her Dot family is supportive of that. That’s why she works from her home in Minnesota.

“I work remotely via webchat, and via IM and email with my team,” said Savannah. “Being close to my family is really important. Dot was able to offer me the flexibility to stay home, stay close to my family, but still work for a company that I feel passionately about.”


A Writer by Day and by Night

Savannah doesn’t just write for her day job. She also writes for her blog, Sav(v)y Endeavors

“I have a travel, lifestyle, and fashion blog; it’s called Sav(v)y Endeavors,” explained Savannah. “I post to it weekly, talk about different things. When I go on trips, I’ll make sure to write down reviews of different food places I’ve gone to, museums, sites, anything like that.”

Dot supports the passions of their employees. Whether they are running a marathon, improving their health, showing their artwork in local galleries, or honing in on their cooking skills—the Dot team is always there cheering on their coworkers.

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