My Name is Sheila, and This is My Dot Story

Meet Sheila

Assistant Transportation Manager.



Kidney Donor.


Friends That Are Like Family

We all have those people in our lives—the friends we’ve had for so long that they have turned into family. Maybe you spend the holidays together. Maybe you go on vacation together. Maybe you are there for all of the little events in between.

For Sheila and Mike’s families, this couldn’t be more true. 

“We’ve known each other for 40 years,” said Sheila. “We were friends before, but now we’re family. Mike and his wife have even joined us on the last two vacations.”


Disheartening News

Despite all the good times over the past 40 years, Sheila and her husband received some disheartening news. 

“Two years ago, Theresa, Mike’s wife, was like, ‘We’ve got some things that we need to talk to you guys about,’” said Sheila. “And that was when she told us… that it was instagnet and he was going to have a transplant.”

“Mike was going to need a kidney,” said Sheila. “And I thought, ‘I’m gonna try.’ He couldn’t even look at me without crying for a while.”


The Benefit of Dot’s Benefits

At Dot Foods and Dot Transportation, Inc. (DTI), taking care of our employees is our top priority. Your health, safety, and future are all a big part of the Dot Experience

“One of the first questions [the doctors] asked me is, ‘You need to talk to your employer. Will they cover these benefits?’ Ya know, ‘How is it going to impact you?’” said Sheila.  

“And so I made a call to HR. ‘Dot covers transplants. You’ll be able to do the short-term disability.’ Not everyone has that opportunity.”

Not only was Sheila covered by Dot’s benefits for the transplant, but she had an entire company rallying behind her with support.

“Dot was never anything but 100 percent supportive,” said Sheila. “I think that’s just, just how people are at Dot Foods. They’re amazing. Dot Transportation is a family.”




Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Mike, Theresa, Sheila, and Sheila’s husband made the perfect team to make sure this transplant was a success. If the matching shirts and words of encouragement weren’t enough, the moral support was undoubtedly the most powerful.

“We kind of had an all-in, hands-in, let’s-go moment before the surgery,” said Sheila. “Then, off we went.”

The transplant was extremely successful, and thanks to Sheila’s bravery, Mike is still with us today. Sheila is now empowering others to get tested and help save more lives. 

“I mean, I feel that if we could save one life by convincing one person to give a kidney then this is all worth it,” said Sheila. “Get tested. It means the world.”

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