Working the overnight shift at any job can feel daunting. But, in the Dot Foods warehouse, we have employees who went to the night shift and don’t plan on going back to days. Why? For a variety of reasons. Whether it works best with their family’s schedule or they identify as a “night owl,” the night shift is the schedule that best fits their lifestyle.

Working the night shift will look a little bit different depending on which Dot distribution center (DC) you work at. But, we spoke to some warehouse material handlers from Dot Foods New York and Dot Foods Indiana to get their perspectives on working nights, how it changed their lives, and their expert tips on how to adjust to the night shift.

Did you work the night shift at another company before coming to Dot?

Only three of the five warehouse material handlers we chatted with had previous night shift experience before Dot. Both Dot Foods New York employees had worked nights previously. Two of the Dot Foods Indiana employees had always worked day shifts, while one had a mixture of day and night shifts at their previous job.

Why did you decide to work overnights at Dot?

Chris Jorgensen: I enjoy working night shifts.

Dagan Miller: It fits with my family’s schedule.

Josh Emrick: When I applied to work for Dot, it was what I was told I would have to work until a day shift spot opened up. But I’ve ended up enjoying it.

Judy: So I could take my daughter to preschool in the morning.

What is your favorite part about working overnights?

Chris (NY): I dislike the hustle and bustle of daytime living, so this fits my lifestyle much better.

Dagan: Having the entire day to do things while everything is open.

Josh: The people and teamwork. We work together very well. 

Chris (IN): The good people I work with.

How did you adjust to working nights?

Chris (NY): I embraced the schedule and I do my best not to stray far from it.

Dagan: I had never really adjusted back to working days. But, over time, your lifestyle and sleep patterns will adjust to the night schedule.

Josh: I adjusted pretty well—I was always a bit of a night owl anyway.

Judy: It wasn’t very hard. I just had to sleep in a little bit longer than I usually did.

Chris (IN): Keep the same schedule—up all night, sleep all day.

What advice do you have for someone who has never worked nights before?

Chris (NY): Always make sure to get proper amounts of sleep.

Dagan: Take it slow and let your system adjust before trying to change everything in your personal life. Find a good balance between night activities and some day activities to have a sense of normalcy with friends and family. 

Josh: Be prepared to adjust to your new hours, have a set bedtime when you get home, and make the room you sleep in as dark as possible. For Dot specifically, understand that our work is a little different than the work done on day shift.

Chris (IN): Give it a chance!

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