My Name is Elly, and This is My Dot Story.

Written by Kayley Koch, Information Systems Analyst, HR


Meet Elly.

Director of Pricing. 

Former Teaming with Local Charities (TLC) Committee Head.

Community Advocate.

Volunteerism Role Model.

Twelve years ago, Director of Pricing and former Teaming with Local Charities Committee Head Elly Passmore was a part of a small breakout group who researched, tested, and developed what we know today at Dot Foods Mt. Sterling as the TLC Committee.

“The TLC gives employees an opportunity to be engaged in something bigger than themselves, provides an avenue to build relationships, and increases awareness around our shared civic responsibilities,” said Passmore, who has been leading the TLC since 2013. “When I was a part of the breakout group, I quickly realized what a huge opportunity volunteerism would be for Dot, our community, and me personally.”


The TLC Over the Years

Throughout the years, the TLC program has strived to expand organization partnerships to accommodate for a wide range of employee passions. 

“Leaders from our partner organizations (YMCA, senior centers, food pantries, schools, etc…) would tell you that without Dot volunteers, they would not be able to meet the needs of the community in the way they do today, which is an accomplishment every volunteer shares,” said Passmore. “The only thing we, the TLC program managers, can take credit for is facilitating the connections and communicating the needs. My continued hope is that the TLC builds connectivity between our employees and the communities we call home.”


A New Committee Head

This past summer, IT Recruiting and Training Manager Ashley Ferguson began co-leading the committee with Passmore to learn the ropes and prepare to take over as the committee head at the start of 2020. 

“We started expanding our program manager team a couple years ago and with that came new ideas vital to continued growth,” said Passmore.  “Ashley is understanding of our employee and community needs, and a great, passionate leader. Under her leadership, we will continue to look for new ways to partner with other Dot programs (like ERGs) and creatively use tools and resources to expand our reach and impact in the community. The program is in great hands with Ashley and our program managers.”

“I learned a tremendous amount co-leading with Elly,” said Ferguson. “I am looking forward to following in her footsteps of continued success by leading our talented team of program managers and volunteers. Igniting the passion in Dot employees through finding more ways to get involved in supporting our communities is what I am looking forward to the most.”

Elly, thank you for your many years of selfless service, dedication, and leadership to make the TLC program what it is today. 

For any TLC related questions or requests, contact Ashley Ferguson at

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