Perks at work

A Place to Work With a Lot of Perks

One of the best parts about working at Dot Foods is taking part in the Dot Experience. What does that mean exactly? The Dot Experience are those perks at work, the family feel of our culture, the additional experiences and opportunities you get because you’re a Dot employee.

Check out some of our employees’ favorite work perks!

Perks at Work

Family Health Centers

Dot Foods is proud to have Family Health Centers (FHC) in our communities to serve both you and your family. Dot partners with Premise Health to provide convenient, affordable, quality healthcare. Today, these facilities are available at Dot Foods California, Idaho, Indiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Mt. Sterling. Dot’s goal is to have similar clinics at all Dot distribution centers (DC) by the end of 2025! Watch this video to learn more!

Forklift Rodeo

Every Dot DC hosts an annual Forklift Rodeo. The rodeo is made up of four classes: Forklift, Narrow Aisle, Order Picker, and Pallet Jack. The ultimate goal of the Rodeo is safety. Competitors must navigate the course at speeds that are fast, but also safe. Whoever logs the fastest speed at each DC gets flown to Dot Foods HQ for the Grand National Championship to compete against warehouse employees from across the country. The first place winners from each category get to go on a trip paid for by Dot!

Warehouse Appreciation

Each DC hosts an annual Warehouse Appreciation Week. Typically, this week involves a lot of free food, fun giveaways, and team outings, such as softball tournaments, golfing, fishing, paintball, and more. Our warehouse teams work hard all year and are extremely critical to Dot’s business, so company leaders look forward to this dedicated time to thank and serve their dedicated group of employees.

Holiday Parties

Every year, all 12 Dot DCs host a holiday party for employees and their families. These events are a highlight for employees and something that is talked about year round. Senior leaders attend holiday parties, as well, to get to know each and every employee in every corner of the country. These holiday parties are a great demonstration of how, despite our growth, we put a lot of value on keeping our small town, close-knit community feel companywide.

RT's Cove

RT’s Cove

RT’s Cove is named after Dot Foods Co-Founder Robert Tracy (RT). Located on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, RT’s Cove is the place to be for Dot employees. With two pools, a hot tub and sauna, workout facility, game room, meeting rooms, water slides, diving board, putting green, tennis and volleyball courts, shuffleboard, and more, the magic of RT’s Cove is seemingly endless. After full-time employees have been with Dot for five years,* they are able to start renting units for themselves and their family.

* Booking restrictions may apply. Please see your manager for more details.

Break Rooms

Dot has been hard at work renovating and updating warehouse break rooms at all DCs to include better vending options, pool tables, foosball tables, tvs, gaming systems, and more. When you’re on your break, you deserve to sit back and relax, and socialize with your colleagues if you choose.

WHSE breakroom

National Business Meeting (NBM)

Dot hosts what we call “NBM” in St. Louis every January. Every other year, we have a “big year,” meaning employees who have hit certain career milestones within the company are invited to attend. Dot flies those employees to St. Louis where they are able to learn more about Dot’s business, connect with colleagues, attend networking events and dinners, and experience the General Session with presentations from all of Dot’s senior leaders.

Pay in the Dot Foods Warehouse

On top of all of the great amenities and events available to warehouse employees, our pay is best-in-class, too.

Benefits to Prioritize Your Well-Being

At Dot, your well-being is a top priority—ranging from your physical to your mental and even your financial health. So, we’ve got benefits to keep you covered.