Written by Deanna Toncray, Executive Administrative Assistant

Close your eyes and picture the Dot logo. For most of you, the bright blue, slanted oval immediately pops into your mind. Why? Because it is familiar and also simple, distinct, and memorable. 

Over the 60 years the company has been in business, five logos have been created. Each time a new logo is fashioned, the purpose is to represent the company’s products and brand more accurately.

The first company logo, a black circle with “dot” in white letters, was adopted by Dot Associated Dairy Products in 1966. Product offerings then were mainly milk powder and baking products.   

“Dad named the company after Mom,” Former Executive Chairman Pat Tracy said, explaining “Dot” was a nickname Dorothy was given during her days at Springfield College.

On January 1, 1981, a logo change took place when Dot Associated Dairy Products became Dot Foods, Inc. The new logo was tan, brown, and orange, and a better representation of the company since offerings expanded beyond milk powders and baking products.

Dot took a calculated leap and entered the frozen foods business in 1990, and thus, Arctic Foods Distribution, Inc., came into existence, and a blue and white Arctic logo was used.  

In 1994, Arctic was merged with Dot Foods, and the prior logos were phased out and replaced with a blue, gray, and white logo for a new and consistent look.

As the company flourished, another logo change was imminent, and the company’s current sleek logo was developed in 2004 by then Brand Manager Jeanne Fernandez. The tilt forward signifies motion and progression. 

“We wanted something more straightforward, and because people knew us as ‘Dot,’ we wanted a circular logo,” Pat  said.

“We really didn’t go out with a snazzy marketing campaign to toot our horn,” Pat said. “Customers understand the value we bring to their business through the Dot program.”

The simple, yet distinct design, has gained recognition. People comment they cannot travel anywhere in the U.S. without spotting a Dot truck. 

“We trust those who spot the Dot logo associate it with some of the company’s key values, such as integrity, professionalism, and innovation,” Pat said.