Maddie’s Story

Written by Maddie Ramsey | Accounting Intern | Mt. Sterling, Illinois

This is my second internship in the Accounting department at Dot Foods. Having an internship where I can not only complete meaningful work for the company, but also focus on my personal development has been a great experience for me over the past two summers.


I would say that my three main takeaways from my experience at Dot Foods would be the enhancement that it has added to my professional communication, improving my job skills, and the connections that I have made.


Professional Communication & Asking Questions

My first main takeaway from my time at Dot is the enhancement it has given my professional communication skills. I have learned to effectively communicate in the business setting, the meeting setting, and how to interact with coworkers who are working remotely (via Zoom, Skype, and email). I also learned the importance of communicating with my coworkers about the status of my projects.


Another huge lesson that I learned this summer is that it is okay to ask questions when I do not understand something. This is one of the main reasons that I love Dot—everyone is so willing to help and answer any question I may have.


Improving Job Skills

The second takeaway that I want to touch on is the job skills that I have gained from this internship. Most noticeably, skills in Excel. My abilities in Excel have improved immensely the last two summers. I noticed last fall that I often felt ahead in my courses at Illinois College because I understood something in Excel that some of my classmates had not learned yet. Gaining real world experience and examples in Excel is an irreplaceable opportunity. Moreover, being able to make connections between my internship projects and class work was very rewarding. I will forever be thankful for the experience that I gained during my internships; I would not have been able to develop my job skills to the extent that I have without my internships at Dot.


Making Connections

My last main takeaway from my two summers at Dot would be the connections I’ve made. Completing relevant projects here has allowed me to work with an assortment of different people in a variety of departments across the business. All of which were so welcoming, willing to help, and genuinely cared about my internship experience. The friendships and connections I have made over the last two summers will last a lifetime. I am so thankful that I have received the opportunity to intern at Dot Foods.

About Maddie

Maddie is studying Accounting and Agribusiness at Illinois College. She spent her summer working with the Dot Foods Accounting team in Mt. Sterling. A fun fact about Maddie is that she plays collegiate volleyball for Illinois College.

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